Entelechy Coaching, LLC

Life Coaching
GwenAs a life coach I support clients in creating realistic, achievable and conscious action plans to manifest their dreams. Some clients seek love, relationship, health and healing, self worth, balance, career change, life purpose, spiritual practice, consciousness, or simply support during a challenging time. Whatever your reason for coaching the formula is the same, however, designed to your uniqueness.

The formula:

There is typically an obstacle that prevents my clients from being where they would like to be, either in their work, creativity, relationship, life path. Obstacles show up in the form of fears, doubts, old beliefs, patterns, lies and stories that they have been telling themselves consciously and unconsciously.

Through our coaching sessions, I support clients who want to identify these obstacles that prevent them from moving forward. By identifying the obstacles, my clients become aware of their own patterns, and by becoming aware, they are able to start taking small steps of action towards their goals and dreams.

As this process evolves, clients tap into their inner resources, their vital sources of entelechy, in order to move through any obstacle, fear or doubt with grace, ease, joy and fun. From this integrated awareness, action, and access to their unique entelechy, a sense of freedom and peace empowers my clients to continue creating a life they love.

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